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30 Jan, 2023

Use Zero-Party Data (ZPD) to Grow Your People-Based Marketing Strategy

2023-02-10T10:37:34-05:00January 30th, 2023|Articles, Sweepstakes Marketing|

As marketers are shifting their focus away from cookie-based marketing to people-based marketing strategies, many are finding their first-party data (data collected and owned by the company) is lacking not only in scale but also in detail about your customer (and prospects) interests and needs. Challenges in Expanding Your [...]

15 Jul, 2020

Sweepstakes Official Rules: Dramatically Improve Your Campaign (with 4 Little Decisions)

2020-08-12T12:51:00-04:00July 15th, 2020|Articles, Sweepstakes How-to, Sweepstakes Marketing|

Looking to sharpen your sweepstakes expertise? Want to learn a few tiny—and easily overlooked—ideas that can reduce your corporate risk? Before you roll out your sweepstakes, there are four little decisions you’ll need to make that can have a big impact on your campaign. This article will help marketers [...]

29 Jun, 2020

Online Sweepstakes Platforms: Do-It-Yourself Apps or Custom Built?

2020-11-17T13:17:02-05:00June 29th, 2020|Articles, Sweepstakes Marketing|

Confused about the different options for online sweepstakes and contests platforms? Wondering if a DIY app or a custom-built microsite platform is best for your online sweepstakes and promotions campaign? This article will tell you the differences between DIY app platforms and outsourcing a custom- built microsite for online sweepstakes. [...]

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