2020 is a challenging year for business. The rapid spread of the coronavirus disease (also known as COVID-19) has a growing impact on the global economy and it has forced some businesses to halt their operations. 

In just a few months, the pandemic has brought changes in consumers’ behavior. Non-essential businesses are suffering because people don’t want to spend money on things that they don’t currently need as they are prioritizing necessities like food, household products, and medicines. While some brands have products in high demand, others are having a hard time selling their goods. 

Some of these changes may be temporary, but during this time where we are already witnessing a drop in sales, you need to look for more ways to grow your business. 

Sweepstakes might not be your first option to increase brand engagement or drive sales, but it’s a powerful tool to strengthen your brand. Setting up a sweepstakes campaign during a global crisis can help both your business and the consumers. 

Below are some reasons why this is the best moment to consider running sweepstakes:

#1 It lets you connect with the consumers

Customer engagement plays a huge role in business. During times like this, where everyone is dealing with uncertainty and adapting to the drastic changes, you need to further strengthen the relationship between your brand and the consumers. A lot of people are staying at home, spending their time online due to quarantine and this is the perfect time to engage with them. 

Hosting sweepstakes is one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with your current audience while allowing new customers to check out your brand. It gives the consumers a positive experience that builds brand awareness and loyalty that will continue even when the sweepstakes are over.

It also encourages consumers to visit your website. Once people have entered your sweepstakes, people will go to your site from time-to-time to check the results, and it will allow them to explore the products or services that you offer. Launching sweepstakes help grow the number of your site visits and even social media traffic.

Even though online shopping is not the consumers’ top priority at this time, they will still look for interesting things on your site after joining your contests or sweepstakes. That’s why you need to make sure that your content will make a mark as it can help increase your sales in the future.

Aside from promoting your company, services, and products, sweepstakes also generate leads. It is an opportunity to ask for data that you can use to create an email list. Once you have this information, announcing new products or promotions and getting in touch with consumers will be easier. 

#2 It will help you give back to the community

Now that we’re facing a global health crisis, a lot of businesses are looking for more ways to provide aid and assistance to communities and essential workers. If you’re one of those brands who want to support and inspire their customers to make a difference, running a sweepstakes can help you give back to the community. 

For example, you can ask your audience to nominate a healthcare professional, police officer, grocery employee, delivery personnel, or any frontline worker who’s tirelessly working to fight against the virus and they will have a chance to win a gift card, a gift basket, or any special prize from you. 

This is a great way to express your gratitude and support to those people who put themselves at risk every single day to save lives, and at the same time, you’re giving your customers an opportunity to show their appreciation to our modern-day heroes. 

#3 You are offering healthy distractions

The ultimate priority right now is to give people something to do while they’re at home. Everyone’s seeking entertainment while staying productive, so this is a good time to connect and give them healthy distractions. 

One way to do this is by holding a campaign that encourages user-generated content. A brand can ask their followers to post a photo of them staying active while spending time at home for a chance to win prizes. Through this, you’re influencing them to be creative while staying indoors and people will have a platform where they can express themselves.

User-generated content gathered from your sweepstakes can help build a bigger and unified community within your brand. You are giving your audience the platform to speak and become an important part of the conversation. Moreover, it can help increase your brand’s search engine rankings and online visibility.

It’s understandable that most businesses are currently having financial problems and are afraid to give away products or services for free, but this is the right moment to connect with your target market. Consumers need all the support that they can get during uncertain times like this. Keep their spirits up and give them the opportunity to have fun and win something for free. 

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