Gamify Your Sweepstakes Sweepstakes provide a great way to collect data about your current and potential customer base. However, in today’s world, consumers are reluctant to share information for a variety of reasons. Whether they don’t feel they have time, are concerned about privacy, or don’t want to wait for a sweepstakes to end before finding out if they won, collecting robust consumer data is a challenge. However, you can always gamify your sweepstakes and provide a fun, engaging, way to make your customer more comfortable sharing their data with you.

Gamification of your giveaways and promotions is a great way to engage consumers and encourage them to share more information about themselves. It can also encourage them to share your program with their friends, family, and other like-minded participants.

Strategies to Gamify Your Sweepstakes

The first and most basic benefit of gamification is making it fun to enter. Instant Win games provide a better user experience – while solving the “waiting to win” problem. Using instant win tactics, such as scratch and win, spin to win, and specialty games engages the prospect and provides instant benefits in exchange for participation.

Social sharing is another way to encourage deeper interaction. Whether it’s as simple as encouraging sharing of your sweepstakes, or a more involved program that includes sharing photos and other user-generated content (UGC), you’ll get great “word of mouth” promotion of your sweepstakes to encourage others to enter.

Bonus entries are one of the best ways to encourage additional data collection. Giving the user the opportunity to increase their odds of winning by providing more information can significantly increase the types of information and data the consumer is willing to provide.

Using a survey to capture more data

Surveys are a great component to add to your gamification strategy – for most users a survey is less intrusive because it tends to ask about opinions that people are more willing to share and can also help you build a better profile of your respondents. Adding a survey to your bonus entries component will help make your data collection significantly more robust.

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