Most Popular Prize Promotion TypesOnce you’ve made the decision to run a giveaway, or sweepstakes, there are endless ideas and endless possibilities on executing it. Do you partner up with an influencer, or will running a photo contest get you the most engagement? You might spin your wheels considering ALL the options, so here are three common types of promotions to give your giveaway a path to success.

Weekly or Daily Prizes

Just like you want to increase your chances of getting participation in your giveaway, the potential participants are out there wondering how they can increase their chances of winning. What’s more enticing than a sweepstakes giving away a cool prize? Simple. It’s a sweepstakes giving away a cool prize over and over. 

Put that prize on repeat! Keep the excitement and anticipation level up with a prize announcement and winner on a weekly basis. If you can go for a daily prize, even better. Does it mean you give away a grand-prize caliber prize every day? No. A small prize can satisfy the itch enough for contestants to enter. And when people see there’s more of a chance to win, that might be what makes them engage, enter, and tell their friends to do the same. Especially if you are putting your product into the hands of the winners, it’s better to have exposure so, say, 20 winners can experience your brand compared to one winner. 

You might be concerned about the lift for a weekly or daily prize promotion. If you are working with a sweepstakes company who helps you with the structure and regulations, then the pace of giving a prize away every day or 7 days or 30 days doesn’t necessarily add a lot of additional work. It doesn’t have to add effort to the set up or structure of the sweepstakes. It does however, require the additional prizes and cost of those, as well as awarding and notification of winners.

Customer Review Sweepstakes

Business owners value customer reviews now more than ever because many people shop a company online before ever considering to shop them in person or pick up the phone to call them. People like hearing about what others think about the product they are about to buy or the service they are considering. 

So, if those customer reviews are so critical to acquiring new customers, use a giveaway as a method to get them. Customer review sweepstakes reward customers for submitting a review on products they’ve purchased. Who benefits in this type of promotion? The customer who writes the review? Yes, they get a chance to win a prize! The business running the promotion? Yes, they get new reviews and feedback on how they are going. The potential next customer? Yes, they have this additional customer feedback to use to help make their buying decision. 

You can see why a customer review sweepstakes is common. It’s important to set and follow rules, start and end times for the promotion, and any restrictions in place for the number of reviews one can submit, for example. A sweepstakes partner, like US Sweeps, can help you so you are adhering to laws and regulations

Instant Win Games

We are living in a time of instant gratification. That’s where an Instant Win sweepstakes can flex its marketing muscle. Compared to waiting for weeks or months to find out if you are a winner, playing to win instantly can be a big draw for getting participation. 

This type of sweepstakes is a great way to increase your web traffic and increase engagement with your brand at the same time. Instant Win sweepstakes with chances for participants to enter multiple times, like once a day, are the perfect landscape to increase traffic to your website. Those people coming to your site to enter the sweepstakes are likely to be part of your target audience, so the traffic you receive during the promotion is from exactly the people you want coming to your website.

In addition to the ability to create custom games, US Sweepstakes offers a number of ready-to-launch game templates to fit any promotion. 

For information on how your business may work with US Sweeps for an instant win game promotion, a customer review sweepstakes, a daily or weekly prize giveaway, or so many more types of engaging sweepstakes, Contact Us today or call (888) 706-5814 to get started.