There is no better way to gather invaluable feedback from your customers than with customer survey incentives. We can help you make your next customer feedback survey or customer satisfaction survey a success with a sweepstakes or rewards program.

Key Benefits of Customer Survey Sweepstakes

Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to gather key insights from your customers. From email surveys to social media polls, customer surveys can help you make the best decisions to grow and enhance your brand. They provide invaluable data such as detailed analysis, recommendations and actionable insights.

From in-store perceptions to online and mobile experiences, you want to measure every touchpoint a customer has with your brand. Offering an incentive through a sweepstakes or rewards program will give your customers a reason to complete the survey and provide thoughtful feedback that can help you enhance your brand awareness like never before. And the best way to gather even more customer insights is to provide incentives with a sweepstakes or rewards program.

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Let Us Take Care Of Prize Procurement and Fulfillment

Incentives sound great for boosting your customer survey feedback, but who has time to deal with the prize fulfillment and procurement? We do. From sourcing and procuring all of your prizes to managing, warehousing and fulfilling every single prize, including gift cards and merchandise, we take care of all aspects of incentives.

We Handle Official Sweepstakes Rules and Disclaimers

Our expert team handles the preparation and review of all official sweepstakes rules. We will also ensure your sweepstakes are legally compliant.

Save Time with Our Administration Offerings

Sweepstakes with incentives mean handling winner selection, winner notifications, tax reporting (1099-MISC) and state registration and surety bonds. Our team will save you time and hassle with our comprehensive administrative offerings.

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