20 May, 2020

Now is the best moment to consider running a sweepstakes – here’s why

2020-05-20T16:12:50-04:00May 20th, 2020|

2020 is a challenging year for business. The rapid spread of the coronavirus disease (also known as COVID-19) has a growing impact on the global economy and it has forced some businesses to halt their operations.  In just a few months, the pandemic has brought changes in consumers’ behavior. [...]

20 May, 2020

3 Social Media Sweepstakes to Keep (and Attract) Followers

2020-05-20T15:56:31-04:00May 20th, 2020|

Are you having trouble keeping your social media audience engaged? Struggling to attract new followers? Then a sweepstakes or contest may be just what the doctor ordered! You’ve taken the time to build a presence on social media, and that’s a great achievement. But maybe your social media strategies [...]

23 Apr, 2020

Running a Sweepstakes? 5 Factors to Protect Your Company from Risk

2020-05-22T12:55:46-04:00April 23rd, 2020|

You know about the benefits of running a sweepstakes or contest. But there’s a lot of confusion in the marketing world about federal and state regulations, laws, IRS reporting, social media guides, and all the other requirements needed to run a successful campaign. Because of this confusion, there’s a natural [...]

16 Apr, 2020

3 Ways to Stand out on Social Media During the Pandemic

2020-05-13T13:58:27-04:00April 16th, 2020|

 In light of the recent pandemic, businesses are facing a substantial uphill battle against a collapsing economy. Most consumers have turned away from purchasing at brick and mortar establishments in favor of online shopping. At the moment, people are focused on investing their limited funds primarily in essential items [...]

19 Feb, 2020

Sweepstakes Management Companies: 4 Questions for Every Marketer

2020-04-24T14:18:58-04:00February 19th, 2020|

Thinking about hiring a sweepstakes management company for the first time? As a digital marketer, maybe you want to increase your followers. Or perhaps you want to increase your leads for your email database. Either way, the world of sweepstakes, contests, and promotions is riddled with legal regulations—regulations you [...]

3 Apr, 2017

Involving a Celebrity in Your Next Sweepstakes or Contest

2020-03-19T10:00:00-04:00April 3rd, 2017|

Everyone has a favorite celebrity. Whether you admire a movie star, an athlete, an influencer, or a musician, we all appreciate a recognizable face. If we are a fan of that person and they are partnering with a company for a sweepstakes or contest – we’ll probably pay attention. This [...]

3 Apr, 2017

The Advantages of Instant Win Sweepstakes

2020-05-13T13:51:45-04:00April 3rd, 2017|

To understand the unique advantages of Instant Win Promotions, let’s first take a look at the process of entry for a traditional, online-entry sweepstakes: A participant enters their name and email address, clicks a submit button, and finds out days (or weeks, or even months) after entering only if they [...]

27 Feb, 2017

Sweepstakes 101: Prize, Chance and Consideration

2020-03-19T09:51:25-04:00February 27th, 2017|

Sponsoring a sweepstakes or contest can provide a long list of unique benefits for any business, but if you are diving in for the first time, it is important to become familiar the concepts of “prize,” “chance,” and “consideration” to differentiate between the types of prize promotions and to understand the [...]